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We’re fortunate to have a really strong team here at Fulcrum who encourage, lead and inspire. We’re passionate and take pride in delivering the best possible service. Our people aim to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where we share and build on our knowledge and expertise.

Below are the key people who lead by example:

Richard Ashcroft - Director

“I believe that to be successful a company needs to really understand its clients’ needs and be passionate about helping them to achieve their own goals. At Fulcrum we spend a lot of time engaging all our staff in this idea and making it a reality. I’m extremely proud of the people we have and their commitment to doing a great job for our clients and partners.”

Richard Ashcroft


A Director at Fulcrum since 2015, Richard oversees every project which Fulcrum provides management services to.

Richard is a Chartered Engineer by profession and has led several major change projects during his career. Before creating Renova, Richard was a Partner with consultants EC Harris. He was responsible for its public sector business in Merseyside and North Wales, which provides construction and facilities management consultancy to the local authority, social housing and education sectors.

He has built a career in developing, building and managing infrastructure assets. He has extensive experience of working with Public Sector Clients in partnership arrangements as well as a detailed understanding of the requirements of Infrastructure Fund Investors. With a strong focus on financial and operational performance, Richard also has a track record of the turnaround of poorly performing assets.

Richard was responsible for the establishment and subsequent growth and development of an award winning NHS LIFT Company, Renova Developments. Renova won LiftCo of the year in 2007 and 2008 and also Lift Area of the Year in 2009 along with the PCT and local authorities of Halton and St Helens, Knowsley and Warrington. Richard has been instrumental in the development of Fulcrum moving from being a LIFT management service provider to providing services to a wider array of assets across the UK & Ireland.

Clive Pitt

“At Fulcrum, we are committed to creating a positive company culture that focuses on our people and is led by our core values.”

Clive Pitt

Chief Executive Officer

Clive Pitt joined Fulcrum in 2011 and became CEO in 2015. Since his inception as CEO Clive has worked hard to bring the team together and developed a set of behavioural led values which form the core of how Fulcrum delivers its full range of services. He is responsible for making sure that all statutory, contractual and governance obligations are met, and for maintaining relationships with funders.

Clive has been involved in public-private partnerships and the NHS LIFT programme for several years. He brought experience of work at senior levels in the UK and USA (latterly as a senior manager for Sodexo), to private finance initiative projects in the health, education, criminal justice and defence sectors. He was then appointed as the chief executive for the LIFT company which invested in primary and community care services in Manchester, Salford and Trafford. Clive developed three major schemes in Salford and nine other projects, winning several national awards along the way.

Clive began his career as a chartered accountant in the hospitality industry. He had several roles with Gardner Merchant before becoming its Commercial Director for the UK Workplace and Education Market.

Sarah Beaumont - Chief Financial Officer

“My favourite part of being with Fulcrum is the continuous drive to do what we do better. Over the time I’ve been with the company it has gone through a number of changes which have all been challenging and exciting in their own ways. Ultimately there is no better satisfaction than working on a project for several years and finally seeing it come to life and serve the community around it.”

Sarah Beaumont

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah joined Fulcrum in 2009 and worked her way up to becoming CFO in 2015. She leads the delivery of financial services across the business and is responsible for making sure that all financial statutory, contractual and governance obligations are met. She is also responsible for maintaining relationships with funders, SPV Boards and Authority clients.

Sarah works closely with her team and all Fulcrum partners and customers to ensure high service delivery is maintained. She acts as a Director of South West London Health Partnerships, West London Health Partnership, Building Better Health Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham and Renova (which manages Fulcrum developments in North West England).

Sarah came to England from South Africa in 2008, and has developed her career with Fulcrum.